Constant innovation is embedded in our culture to be able to meet the changing needs of our consumers worldwide. Insightful concepts spring from not only what consumers say they need but on what they would think they need.

Our dedicated Research and Development Team investigates, collaborates, and discovers better solutions to offer superior consumer products that inspire trust and are delivered with passion.

How We Do R&D

Zodhita believes in Open Innovation where it builds long-term partnerships with 3rd party laboratories and manufacturing companies to be able to integrate internal and external knowledge to capitalize on the maximum potential of a new product.

Our Research & Development Team continues to establish a secure and confidential network of external partners to meet different requirements.

Marketing collaborates with R&D to flesh out valuable insights in product research and development so they can specify the characteristics and product features that are important and desired by consumers. R&D, with the help of external partners, begins product development and submits prototypes to be evaluated by test subjects, until the product meets the required standards. Finally, the product goes through market, stability, and clinical studies before it becomes available as a final product.

Regulatory Compliance

As we acknowledge cultural uniqueness of our consumers from different parts of the globe, Zodhita is committed to ensure that its products comply with internationally accepted ethical standards.

Our Regulatory Affairs Group plays a significant role in product development as it leads and provides strategic regulatory guidance in product development, production, and registration thus, ensuring efficiency in the product development process and speed in accessing global markets.

Our Safety Standards

Our principle on product safety is simple: it should be a product that we would use on ourselves and our families without having second thoughts.

At Zodhita, part of the product development process is when members of the product development team evaluate the effectiveness, acceptability, and safety of the product by using it on themselves and their families. This shows our accountability for the risks our consumers take in buying our products.